June 8, 2009

House of Blue Leaves photo book

The fourth book, The House of Blue Leaves, is out. It tells the story of the cast and crew of The House of Blue Leaves production, which was put on by the Huntington Beach High School Academy of the Performing Arts on March 13-14, 2009 at the Rose Center Theatre in Westminster, California.

I covered The House of Blue Leaves for my advanced photojournalism class (see below post for details). The 2,000+ pictures naturally lent itself to...a book. But it took a long time. I stopped on March 21 and didn't begin again until late May. It does not feature the hallmarks of my other books: the lack of biographies or pictures of the cast members. It contains my photographs and text only.

It is my first project released in the Blurb.com 10x8 format. Most notably, the 10x8 format allowed me to print full-bleed images that the square 7x7 format wouldn't. It is also my first book about a theater production, spanning the smallest time frame of all prior projects – two weeks, instead of a semester or a full year.