February 6, 2009

Blurb book projects

Since August 2008, I've been using my candid photography to produce photo books. This is a list of all the books I produced. Links are given when the books are public; otherwise, they were either deleted or they have not been published yet.

Daily Forty-Niner, Summer 2008
Published: August 11, 2008 and September 11, 2008
Size: 10x8

The prototype for all future books, this was an 10x8 book that was 24 pages. I purchased a softcover copy and showed it to everyone. It was used as a way to gain credibility and acceptance for my candid photography in the newsroom. I came out with a second version in September that was 40 pages long and published it, but promises to buy a copy were not fulfilled.

MOCA Apprenticeship Program, 2005-2006
Published: November 20, 2008 and January 15, 2009
Size: 7x7

It was this internship program where I first took the camera and engaged in candid photography. I made three poster boards to commemorate the year, but revisited in September 2008 to come out with a 232-page book that more fully revealed the inner workings, dynamics, and relationships forged during the year. I republished a second version on January 15.

Joanne's birthday party
Published: November 26, 2008 and December 26, 2008
Size: 7x7

Joanne Tucker's 20th birthday party on October 17 was the first birthday I had ever gone to. I took a lot of photographs and, with the help of her roommate Lindsay Taylor, identified everyone and compiled it to an 77-page book. Since nobody bought a copy, it remains on my computer only.

JOUR 300, fall 2008
Published: November 28, 2008; December 19, 2008
Size: 7x7

A photo book for a photojournalism class? it seemed to go hand in hand for the class led by Suzanne Mapes. I originally envisioned it as a 13x11 book, but later scaled it down to a 7x7 . It was also the first book where I tried to avidly recruit people to submit their own photographs, only to fail. I produced a 120-page book. Innovations included a flip book section, a page for every student, and a page dedicated to every assignment the class did.

AP Environmental Science, 2005-2006
Published: February 9, 2009 and March 1, 2009
Size: 7x7

Alongside MOCA, I took photographs of every outing the inaugural class at Huntington Beach High School, and later inside the classroom. This book uniquely integrates my journals, assignments, and memory alongside the photographs I took. Attempts to recruit people to submit "Why did I do this?" and "Where am I now?" entries and pictures met with near-universal failure. I managed to produce a 240-page book that documents the class like no other object does.

Fusion 2009
Publishing: June 2009?
Size: 10x8

As part of the final for JOUR 380, advanced photojournalism, I was required to do a photo essay. My topic was the Academy of Performing Arts at my alma mater, HBHS. I took 2000 pictures of the course in two days. Publication is in question now that there was a professional photographer there whose book will be better...if I am to go forward, I need outdo that person.

Daily Forty-Niner, 2008-2009
Publishing: June 2009
Size: 13x11

The ultimate effort, this book, when done, will document the entire workings of the 2008-2009 staff at the Daily-Forty Niner, including articles, candid pictures, and their own words. It currently stands at 150 pages with Summer and Fall 2008 semesters completed, and I'm projecting up to 250 pages with Spring 2009 included.